Social Media

Social Media

Connecting and Engaging with your Community

Using Social Networks in the Legal Space

Many people use Social Media to connect with friends, but there is an increasing business use, and that includes legal practices.

We believe that this business use of Social sites will continue to increase and will become a key area for marketing in the years to come. For this reason, getting your profiles loaded now will future-proof you. 

Social Media is not difficult, but it does take some effort; periodically adding content, checking for comments and interacting with people. 

How much effort is up to you, but we will provide suggestions as to how you can best leverage Social Media for your business’s benefit.

Law 2 Web can help you devise a Social Media Plan and get you started with your own social profiles.

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Connecting and Engaging with your

The Process

Whether you want to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Google +, we can help you;

  • Establish your Social Media profiles (or refresh any existing ones you have):
  • Devise some communication guidelines:
  • Introduce a communications plan to get regular content onto your profiles:
  • With training on etiquette, voice and responding to comments and replies to your posts.

We can also provide advice on other aspects of social interactions.


We won’t leave you in the lurch! Over the phone training will be given to the person in the office that will be primarily responsible for the management of your social presence. We can talk about all things from the tone used in your messages to what to do with any feedback you may receive.

In addition, we will provide a manual that will cover many of these things, so you have something to refer to.

The Social Networks


This is the professional’s network and is used primarily by professional business people.

It is used to connect with other business people and can be used to check out prospective vendors of services by customers.


Currently, this is the more family and friends oriented network, but nearly everyone you know will be on Facebook.

It is this sheer number of people using the service that make it a compelling place to have a profile.


Twitter is a more immediate, conversational network. It can be a good way to communicate directly and in real time with interested parties.

There are many professionals on Twitter and it can be easy to find others with similalr interests.

What Else is Available?

If you would like us to manage your social presence on an on going basis, then we can provide that service for you. We can discuss the parameters of this service including time spent, plus how we can work with you to make your social networks work for you.

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