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    Note This is the landmark case on the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act (See article Wiping the Slate – Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act applications and the right to move on)
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I had a conviction from over 30 plus years ago and under the Legal guidelines of the clean slate rules I could apply for the conviction to be disregarded this required some to lodge the application and I was introduced to Roderick who has had success with similar situations.

Roderick took my call explained how this would play out time frames and costs and his thoughts on the application

From Day 1 Roderick was easy to contact easy to understand and made the process very easy and as stress free as a process like this can be.

When we had our day in court with the Judge as the crown opposed my application Roderick was just so calm and collective and delivered our side of the story as there is always two sides to any story . Roderick was just so clear so articulate backed up everything he said with facts and case law that just strengthened everything he said and made a very compelling case

The outcome was a decision on the Day by the Judge to Disregard my conviction which has made a huge difference as to what I can do in my career going forward 

If you have an issue and it involves the clean slate law process I would say pick up the phone call Roderick as he has an amazing understanding of the process and without him I’m sure we may have got a different outcome and not in my favor

BD April 2021


Thank you Roderick for providing your best in my case. You have made a huge impact in the direction of my career and I couldn’t thank you enough for it. You have been utterly kind, generous and very professional in your uptake of my legal proceedings. I would definitely recommend any healthcare professionals to benefit from your expertise in the area of both medicine and law. It’s been a great pleasure meeting and working along side with you!

KS February 2018


This letter is intended as a worthy testimonial for Dr. R. Mulgan

In providing advice and council over matters pertaining to the provisions of a law with respect to Enduring Powers of Attorney and how particularly elderly residents are assessed and treated in their latter years.  

Dr. Mulgan as an individual completely unknown to us personally, was motivated to provide to us such advice which has proved entirely accurate, thinking outside the “square’ and totally helpful, simply on the basis of a referral by a third party with whom we happened to have a business association.

This referral included several different personal conversations and email correspondence, all of which provided us with great support and comfort.

I unequivocally provide this testimonial as an example of a person who is dedicated and caring for those especially, who cannot act for themselves.

JH – January 2018


It is with the greatest pleasure that I am writing this unsolicited testimonial to Dr Roderick Mulgan, barrister, in reference to his representation on my behalf before the District and High Courts of Wellington.


Following a vehicle accident on a mountain track, I was airlifted to Hospital and as a routine provided two blood samples for alcohol testing. It was with great surprise that I was informed after a few weeks that my blood alcohol reading was 88mg/100ml- 8 over the legal limit, since I recalled only consuming 2 small glasses of wine over a 4 hour period.


There followed a few months before a decision was made to charge me and when that occurred we requested the second blood sample for independent analysis. There was further delay in receiving this sample from the Police and when it was finally tested showed a blood alcohol reading of 73mg/100ml- 7 under the legal limit.


The police decided to proceed with a prosecution, arguing that the lower reading was due to loss of alcohol from the original sample over time.


In a defended hearing before the district court Judge, Dr Mulgan was superb both in his presentation of the facts, points of law and a masterful cross examination of the crown expert witness, which left myself, my lawyer and all those present in little doubt that my defence would succeed.


To my amazement, the Court found for the prosecution and the next 6 months were spent preparing for an application for discharge without conviction, which was ultimately denied by the same judge, to even greater astonishment from my lawyer.


At this point I turned to Dr Mulgan for his counsel in respect of an appeal against conviction to the High Court of Wellington. I cannot begin to do justice to the level of legal knowledge, professionalism and compassion that he demonstrated during the exhaustive preparation for my appeal, which he presented quite superbly to the Court in October 2015 and I was subsequently acquitted with the judge noting that Dr Mulgan’s legal argument was correct and that the District Court judge had erred in not deferring to his presentation before her 12 months hence.


I appreciate that the facts of my case or of more interest to me than to any person seeking Dr Mulgan’s services but I have outlined them above to, hopefully emphasis my belief that Dr Mulgan is one of New Zealand’s finest young Barristers. I have been in awe of his encyclopaedic legal knowledge but most impressive is his ability to apply this to his individual clients.


I cannot commend Dr Mulan’s services too highly and remain indebted to him for those services.




Roderick is not only an excellent and extremely competent lawyer, but he is also a very caring man.

From my first contact with Roderick, he always showed genuine interest and willingness to help. I felt really protected and secure and I was confident I was in good hands.


He always kept in the loop with what was going on, gave me reassurance every time I needed it (and I needed it a lot!), but was also very pragmatic and professional.


In the end, I got a discharge without conviction and the judge said it was the first ever in her career!


I am sure my case was a very special one and I felt I really deserved to be discharged without conviction, but I would not have got it without this wonderful and eloquent lawyer who was defending me with such competence and confidence.


Thank you so much Roderick! I am forever in your debt!


March 2015


We are absolutely delighted with the outcome achieved by Roderick. He did a superb job and I consider him to be extremely talented with a big future.


November 2013

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