What’s in a (domain) name?


The reasons you should investigate registering a .nz domain name to match your .co.nz version.

The domain name you choose for your business is an important decision. Whether it be as brand recognition or as an important keyword-based domain name, you chose your domain for a reason.

Protecting this domain is also an important step to protecting your online presence and everything that it does for your business.

The registration process of domain names in New Zealand and around the world is generally on a first come first served basis.

Whilst there is an arbitration process to settle domain name disputes it is wise the register those domains that are important to you.

Specifically, our recommendation is to, where possible, register both the .co.nz and .nz domain names (eg: law2web.co.nz and law2web.nz)

What this does it is secures your brand/keyworded domain from another entity registering it and potentially making it difficult for yourself.

Whilst the .co.nz is the current standard, the new .nz domain names are the way forward. More and more businesses (especially new ones) are leading with the .nz domain name and keeping the .co.nz registered as well.

You can think of it as brand insurance, preventing damage to your brand by registering the most obvious alternative to your main domain name.

There are many other types of domains that you can register, such as: .com, .net.nz, .law, .kiwi, if your primary market is New Zealand then the .nz and .co.nz are the ones to focus on.

Do you have both domains registered to protect your brand? Yearly registration is a small price to pay to secure them from misuse.

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