Online Forms Service

Online Forms Service

With clients of law practices increasingly working remotely and expecting to be able to interact with their professional contacts online, both during and after work hours, we have established an online forms capability.

What are the benefits? 

There are really four main benefits 

  • Time and cost savings for both lawyers and their clients
  • More existing client work
  • Prospect engagement
  • Website optimisation

How it works

We work with our law practice customers to create and maintain online forms and questionnaires.

Once finalised the forms are set up on our customers website

There is a lot of flexibility in what’s included in the forms and their functionality including

  • Forms split into multiple pages rather than one long form
  • Compulsory questions
  • Expandable options
  • Question dependencies
  • Pop-ups for guidance and FAQs.
  • Progressively saved answers
  • Resumption of partly completed forms

Once complete and submitted, the law practice and the form submitter receive an email with the answers.

Already developed forms and questionnaires

We have some forms already developed and these are available for immediate use, as is, or customised to suit the particular law practice.

They include

  • General questionnaire
  • Will questionnaire
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – Property questionnaire
  • Enduring Power of Attorney – Personal Care and Welfare questionnaire

Some examples

We are developing more forms and are always interested in hearing from our customers about what they want to add.

Pricing (add gst)

There is a set up cost for each form whether it is one we have already developed, or one our law practice customer wants.

There is a single monthly licence fee of $35 plus GST irrespective of the number of forms being run which we can just add to the monthly fee being paid for the website hosting plan.

Prices for our forms are available on request and we have a standard hourly rate of $160 plus GST for our development work in respect of other forms or customisations. That rate can be reduced for pre-paid time blocks to $120 plus GST per hour for 10 hours.

The next step

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