Photography and Video Service

Photography and Video Service

How visual media is important to your website

It is essential to have a website with well written and market focussed content.

Increasingly however the visual and audio experience can create a significant point of difference and really help to support brand and win more business.

We have considerable experience with website photography and videography.

Where appropriate we have established networks and liaise closely with a number of professional photographers and videographers.


Our services include;

  • Selecting from a vast collection of stock photography which can be highly cost-effective ways to promote key services and as fillers
  • Our own web-quality photography using sophisticated DSLR camera technology.
  • Working with and providing briefs for professional photographers to smooth the path for effective portrait and location shots.

    We often are on site when the photography is done to ensure people are comfortable with the process and the photos are matching the requirements of the brief.


Our services include;

  • Promotional videos on site
  • Liaising with our law practice customers to develop videos including writing scripts and notes
  • Facilitating the actual shoot in association with the professional videographers with whom we work.
  • Posting the completed video to appropriate channels like YouTube and Vimeo and ensuring the video is optimised for search engines

Animated videos

We develop succinct but engaging videos to help our law practice customers

  • deliver a message in a customer friendly way; and
  • increase business in targeted campaigns¬†

We take your messaging of a product or service and produce a storyboard as to how that could be implemented in this animated way.

We have access to a number of different styles and they can be voiced or a music track can run as it plays


Each assignment for photography and/or videography will be priced according to its requirements. We are happy to provide estimates based on an agreed brief.

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