Legal News Service

Legal News Service

We are pleased to have established a legal news service for our law practice customers.

What are the benefits? 

There are really five main benefits 

  • Client retention
  • Increased existing client work
  • Prospect engagement
  • Client database integrity
  • Website optimisation

The main considerations

In designing the service we were conscious of a few important things:

  • Many law practices complained that they did not have time to organise and operate such a service themselves;
  • Some only thought about producing a hard copy version which would sit at Reception – and occasionally be sent to clients in the mail;
  • There was a perception that newsletters created by third parties lacked customisation. While they may be branded to the practice, they were not tuned in to the particular customer base and its needs.

How it works

We, or experienced authors commissioned by us, author articles relating to newsworthy events, legislative change, and cases.

The articles are written as clearly as possible to minimise legal jargon and make them comprehensible to the target audience – the practice’s clients. While informational, we ensure there are calls to action where appropriate.

Once compiled, we send these to our law practice customers 4 times annually, allowing time for them to review, vet and suggest any changes they may want to make. They may also want to include their own articles or even items of relevance just to the practice (e.g. recent staff additions).

Distributing the Articles

Full service– Only available for Law 2 Web customers running a website with us

This involves the preparation of the Newsletter in pdf format AND the posting to our customer’s website of the articles contained in it (or those articles selected for posting).

Article website posting has a number of benefits including;

  •  A simple way of continually adding new material to the website;
  • Enhancing Google and other Search Engines ranking (or Search Engine Optimisation – SEO) which improves the chances the website will rank well in Organic (i.e. not paid-for, or sponsored) results.

Our service includes the further advantage of providing classifications for the articles aligned to practice areas (e.g. Property, Commercial, Company, Trusts, Succession). Again, this helps with customer engagement and SEO. The articles have leaders and of course can be linked from other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram). There is a clear expectation now that professional practices across all industries will provide relevant and up to date information on their websites.

Many of our customers will opt to send the Newsletter out as a pdf to a client list, as well as printing off copies for availability at the office reception, or to mail in hard copy to selected clients, especially those in the older bracket who may prefer to read in paper form, or who do not have printing facilities.

We can help with getting your outgoing email template set up and/or liaise with your Practice Management Service provider, who may offer an emailing option from their system. We can also assist with setting up Mail Chimp and give you some instructions on how to manage that platform.

One thing that is sometimes overlooked in having a regular newsletter is the massive opportunity it presents to keep a current client database up to date. If email is used then this provides you should get regular updates on changes to clients addresses or circumstances.

As there will be different technologies for the use of email we are happy to talk with our customers to help configure the best way to handle this. Unsubscribe options are also essential of course.

Price is $1,200 per annum. There may be additional costs for the work we do around the email set up which we will discuss with you.

The following diagram shows how the system works. AGENCYLAW is the law practice here.

Print ready pdf and/or Word version only

For practices not wanting to utilise the full service we can provide these on request.

Pricing (add gst)

Serviceper annum
Full newsletter and article posting to website for Law 2 Web hosted website$1,200
Print ready pdf only (including Letterhead formatting)$990
Word formatted version only (with Letterhead formatting)$695
The next step

Contact us today

Contact us today to get the News service established for your practice and/or answer any questions you may have

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