Paul Steele has worked with many law firms in his consultancy, set up in 2007, looking at ways to improve operational and marketing performance.

A particular opportunity that arose from the Law Library review work was the establishment and development of Intranets for law firms. At first this work was confined to adding Law Library research “deeplinks” to existing Intranets, or, for firms that had no intranet, establishing a simple access page – usually in MS Word. Deeplinks are just direct hypertext links to subscribed third party vendor databases and other external websites offering free to view access (like These access pages or intranets have 2 main benefits – firstly providing faster access to relevant databases or websites and, secondly, facilitating ease of use by providing a complete list of all relevant databases or websites, colour coded for easier recognition and listed under Practice areas.

This work has, almost inevitably, expanded into developing Intranets set up to enable access to other types of external websites and also internal content. That could include anything from Law Library resources, internal HR polices and forms, local businesses and organisations  and, of course, law profession related websites directories, and SOEs ,Government Departments and Ministries.

The Service

As no two projects are the same, we consult first to ascertain exactly what is needed. If a firm has no Intranet then we can develop one from scratch using the WordPress platform. So the process would usually be:

  1. Interviewing relevant people within the firm to get details of their commonly used resources. This would include such things as Favourites lists.
  2. Design the Intranet and build incorporating the firm livery and logos to create something that will be both visually appealing and easy to use.
  3. Installation of the Intranet in association with the firm’s IT people.
  4. Training on the use and updating of the Intranet.

If you would like to improve the efficiency of your law practice by having a single access to all these resources at the click of a mouse then Contact us to discuss how we can help put this together.


These prices are stated without GST, and dependent on the completion of an agreement for the provision of our services.

Service Price Notes
Intranet Build and Configuration $1,850  Includes first year’s subscription
Yearly Subscription $590
  • Review of common profession links
  • Requested updates
  • Support
Additional Development $120 per hour Additional one off work to add extra functionality.