Legal Research

Legal Research

Improving Efficiency in Finding and Using Information

Law Library and Legal Research Systems – audit, third party liaison and implementation strategies

Law 2 Web’s approach is to review a customer’s existing “Law Library”, or, given that that term is largely anachronistic now, how Legal Research is carried out, in conjunction with all factors relevant to that customers business, and especially its specialties.

Our experience is that many organisations are not running a law library or research system in a way that properly aligns to their business and/or risks. There is also considerable confusion over the various media under which the information can be obtained, and often inconsistencies and skill deficits in the use of these media. Other common problems we see are misunderstandings as to content and how up to date particular sources are. External factors like free to air services and industry available resources (e.g. Law Society Library and research facilities) may also be underutilized, or not properly taken into account.

A key concern is to identify the different requirements within a customer profile. Within a law firm for example we will identify what particular users need to be able to do – what a senior litigator needs to know will be quite different from a property lawyer. Support staff will also have different needs.


How We Do It

We work with customers independently to identify the issues, review existing resources, provide solutions in conjunction with third party providers, and introduce improved systems to ensure optimal performance, reduced risk and better returns on expenditure. 

We prepare and implement customized training strategies, liaising with third party providers where appropriate.


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