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Optimising your website

So you have got your website up. Awesome!

What’s next? How are people supposed to find you and your business amongst the rest?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the work that is done both on and off your website to make it more relevant to your customers and therefore generate more visitors from the search engines. The search engine results we are talking about here are the ones found on the left hand side of the page.These are called organic search results. These are not influenced by payment of fees, but are dependent on the content of your site and other factors related to your site.

The Process

We start by identifying the things that you want to be found for. Then we do some research to find the best words to make that happen.

We then make changes to your website, to help make it as relevant as possible. We can also provide you with advice around layout and content which will also help you.

These changes can be done as a one off project, or on a monthly contract, to allow us to manage the process of improving the results from your website.

"Doing the basics of SEO well helps with the improvements in your websites rankings. Knowing what to focus on is key"

SEO Packages

The prices below are stated without GST, and are dependent on the completion of an agreement for the provision of our services.

Refresher Pack

This is where we spend time doing some research and then make edits to your site to get the best results with changes to key parts of the website. This is a one off effort and allows for an update to the entire site.

Price: $160 per page.

Ongoing SEO Package

Rather than doing all of the changes at once, this package provides the option to continually tweak and change the website to improve it over time. In the long term this is the best way to go about SEO. It also means that we can look at other optimisation parameters.

Price: POA as this is dependant on the size of website and the types of work required.

The next step

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