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Law 2 Web specialises in developing websites that help New Zealand lawyers and law practices maintain and build their client bases. We have technical web expertise but it is our knowledge of the way that the legal profession operates in New Zealand that really distinguishes us.

Our Services include:

Providing an audit of existing websites.

Sometimes you need to take stock of the website you have and what you need to do to take it to the next level. That can range from starting again, to augmenting your current website to get the improvements you need.

The nature and extent of the audit needs to be discussed before we can advise the price for the work. 

However, we can discuss all aspects of your website with you, ranging from advice around search engine optimisation, to changes to your layout and content to improve enquiry from your website.

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Creating  new websites

Whether you have an existing site or haven’t made that step yet, we can help you get a web presence to compliment your brand and help communicate with both your existing client base and potential new clients.


We believe it’s important to understand our customers’ intentions and motivations in developing or seeking enhancements to a website.

This includes getting an understanding of brand, and the often overlooked question of what emphasis should be given to existing client retention and development in conjunction with attracting entirely new prospects.

So we spend time ensuring we have the right information to develop a website that aligns with the desired outcome.

Ideally that consultation starts with an onsite interview. We have developed a questionnaire which assists the process.


Our preference is for the highly respected and globally used platform WordPress. That is because;

  • We have expertise in the use of WordPress;
  • WordPress is continually being upgraded to cope with the dynamic nature of the internet;
  • WordPress is a well supported platform which can usually provide extras (plug-ins or other program add-ons) to do the vast majority of things that organisations want – and at more affordable development and maintenance costs than other platforms or bespoke HTML websites;
  • We have access to a massive array of WordPress templates that can be selected as base designs.

It’s a common misconception that a template driven process will produce something that looks like lots of other websites. This isn’t the case – logos, livery and other branded content can give a highly distinctive look. Also it’s really important to understand that clients and prospective clients typically value easy and familiar navigation and layout options.

In addition, mobile devices are increasingly being used to access the internet. Websites that are optimised or even “versioned” to be easily understood on, for example, Smart phones give a better user experience and demonstrate to the reader that the lawyer or firm is up to date.

For these reasons a template driven approach is usually the best option. If you want a bespoke site we can provide that, but it will be more expensive to both develop and maintain.

The Build Process

After the design is settled the website can be built. 

We put together the content and functions that have been agreed on, to generate a draft of the website that is shared with you, so you can see progress throughout the build.

Content is provided by our customers but we have expertise in writing or commissioning the writing of content, photography and videography.

We have a network of professional contacts who can help in all these areas. 

This is discussed with our customers at the outset, along with an estimate or quotation for the content work.

Part of the build process includes initial Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  work, to ensure the way pages are set up will give the best chance for the website to be understood by the Search Engines and provide better website rankings. 

See also our Search Engine (SEO) services .

Going Live and Ongoing

Go Live

This means the publishing of the website to the internet. This takes place only after sign off from our customers.

We assist with what’s required to have the domain name (e.g. point to the new website.

We also assist with registration and renewal of domain names.

Hosting, Maintenance and Support

We host our customers’ websites and update them on a continual basis, according to information and content provided by our customers. This means they do not need any expertise in web language or programming or have to worry about having an internal resource to update the site. We do it for them.

However we also offer a differentiated service for customers who have the expertise and are happy to run the updates themselves. This option is complemented (for more complex or urgent work) by having our services available at fixed hourly rates.


We load Google Analytics to all important pages on the website and provide regular reports to our customers on the results. This means customers can monitor the performance of the website for things like hit rates, visitor demographics, search terms used to find them, and other sites that have provided links to the website

The reports can be set up to provide overall trends which is very useful if you want to track the performance of the website over time. This means our customers can get valuable on-going data on how the website is performing especially with regard to the drivers established in the Consultation phase.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

If you are running our Full Monthly service (see below table) then this means we will provide up to one hour per month analysing your website’s Google Analytics, and making recommendations for enhancements designed to enhance Search Engine rankings based on your prior identified goals.


We think the price should be up front and fixed. That means our customers can budget with certainty. Please note however that the following pricing table does not include content creation work.

These prices are stated without GST, and dependent on the completion of an agreement for the provision of our services.

Initial Build

Hosting Maintenance SEO


Full Service – Hosting Maintenance, SEO and Reporting

$209 /mth

Hosting Maintenance, and Reporting

$49 /mth

Hosting  and Reporting only

$29 /mth

2-4 Partners

Full Service – Hosting Maintenance, SEO and Reporting

$229 /mth

Hosting Maintenance, and Reporting

$79 /mth

Hosting  and Reporting only

$49 /mth

5+ Partners

Full Service – Hosting Maintenance, SEO and Reporting

POA but likely in the range of $249 per month

Hosting Maintenance, and Reporting

POA but likely in the range of $89 per month

Hosting  and Reporting only

$59 /mth

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