Ross Dowling Immigration

Ross Dowling needed a separate website to target the Immigration service area. In doing so they were able to add additional content to describe the service and the expert staff they had in this area. You can view the website here


The team at conveyIT were looking at an alternative hosting solution for their website and so we provided them with a bespoke solution to provide high performance hosting. We have also provided advice and assistance with editing the site. You can see the full site here:

Wadham Partners

Wadham Partners wanted a website that was colourful but easy to use and find information. We provide ongoing assistance with updates and new content. You can view the full site here:

Auckland Medico-Legal Society

The Auckland Medico-Legal Society required a website to store their published journals, inform prospective members about Membership and ity also allows for members to make payments through the website. You can view the website here:

Common Law Association of Notaries

We were asked to rebuild the website for the Common Law Association of Notaries due to issues with the previous website. We delivered an upgraded website with additional content and is now available for the Association to manage and update after training was provided. You can see the full website here:

Evans Henderson Woodbridge

Evans Henderson Woodbridge were wanting a website that was clean and easy to navigate and incorporated and promoted their specialty in a rural area. Interlinked Service Areas with the respective staff means that clients can get to the information they require as quickly as possible. You can visit their website here at

Hawkestone Chambers

We provided design services and hosting for Hawkestone Chambers and ongoing support with editing and adding new content. They wanted a modern yes classic look and the resulting design is a blend of the founding members ideas and influences.

Kristy McDonald QC

Kristy asked us to build her a site that was modern, but sympathetic to her Scottish roots. Incorporating some fantastic photography by an external photographer into the website alongside well written, detailed text. Visit the Website here:

Stout Street Chambers

We were asked to move an existing website into a content management system that was easily managed by the team at the Chambers. As they were happy with the existing design, we went about creating a duplicate of their existing design in the new system. Visit the Website here:

Notary Public

We were asked to rebuild the Notary Public website, preserving the content, including the list of Notary details plus adding a members area for content that for for Members only. Visit the website here:

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